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July 24, 2015

Hertford Property Management

To any landlord who’s new to the game of letting and managing property, a lettings agency is an invaluable resource. A letting agent will know the standards your property needs to meet before it can be let out. As well as advising you of your legal obligations and familiarising you with any new laws coming into force that may affect you, a letting agent will be able to let your property more quickly by increasing the scope of your advertising platforms, both in print and online. A letting agent can choose and approve tenants for you, thereafter resolving any issues which may arise during tenancy. But you can also fall back on a letting agent’s ability to manage your property.

Property management by a lettings agent is about ensuring that you, the landlord, are always relaxed in the knowledge that your property is being maintained to the highest standards for letting.

Peace of mind is what you can expect with St Andrews Bureau. As a lettings, sales, estate management and investment company operating in Cambridge, Hertford, and other parts of the UK, St Andrews Bureau also offers quality property management services. Our dedicated team will be able to tailor their expertise to meet your needs for property management.