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April 20, 2014

Free Sales Valuations

The Easter weekend is upon us and although falling later in the year, it means we will be more likely to have better weather and less chance of being rained on! The long weekend is always something to look forward to, time at home with the family, friends or just a bit of time to relax! With Good Friday and Easter Sunday predicted to be the warmest days this year so far – dry and sunny – and temperatures in the high teens and up to 21c in London , there will be no need to sit inside instead it is the perfect time to think about getting out and about. Many people will flock to the seaside or popular tourist destinations, which in turn means busy roads and traffic! With that in mind, it can be more appealing to spend the time thinking about changes at home, catching up on or planning home improvements and perhaps looking round new areas with the thoughts of moving home in mind. Are you thinking about moving home? Perhaps you are starting to organise and update your home so it can be valued and put on the market for sale? Or are you thinking about which area you would like to move to?  If you need advice on the property market from free sales valuations through to putting your house up for sale – contact Saint Andrews Bureau for expert advice.

Saint Andrews Bureau is a leading property specialist operating throughout Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire and London; the team are available to help with providing a valuation on your home and the next steps in placing your home on the sale market.  Not only are the family business highly experienced in sales valuation and local knowledge but they can help with lettings and investments.

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