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May 22, 2013


Finding the ideal buy-to-let property

To get a property that will give you a good level of rental income and capital growth, you'll need to understand what will appeal to tenants - which may be very different from what appeals to you.

For example, while you might love houses that are a stone's throw from nowhere, there will be limited demand from tenants for properties like this, no matter how pretty and idyllic it looks. Start by looking for areas and types of property that are in demand now and will become increasingly in demand in the future.

Things to look for are...

Improvements driven by companies moving in, new transport links or government regeneration money

An area getting 'discovered' - this may be because it is close to another attractive area. An up-market shop opening is often a good sign.

What type of properties in their area have the strongest (and fastest growing) level of tenant demand relative to the supply of properties of that type

What type of tenant will be looking for your chosen property type - singletons, couples, families, students, private tenants or those on local housing allowance

What level of furnishings (if any) the tenant will expect a landlord to provide

What approximate level of rent you could expect to achieve - and how quickly you can expect to receive it

What changes are happening locally that will affect future tenant demand and property prices

Whether an oversupply of a certain type or size of property is likely to develop a few years down the line.

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