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July 28, 2014

Top South East Estate Agents

With so many around it can often be difficult to determine which estate agent to choose, so here are our tips on finding the top south east estate agents for your purpose:-

1. Shop around – It may be easier to go with the first agent you speak to or the agent who is closest to you geographically, but shopping around will give you an idea of the different service levels out there and what is on the market.
2. Always check the small print – Make sure any prices quoted are all inclusive of VAT and there are no hidden surprises in the small print, this catches people out time and time again.
3. Chat to the agents – This will help you determine how you feel about them on a personal level, agents can help you through the most difficult stages of your life so finding a personable one is invaluable.

Here at Saint Andrews Bureau we pride ourselves on our high level of service, no hidden fees and personal touches. If you are looking for the top south east estate agents call us today on 01223 352170.