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June 03, 2013

Remodel to make rentals viable

Remodel to make rentals viable

Zoe Dare Hall in the Telegraph collates advice from lettings agents for landlords who are struggling to attract tenants. Agents suggest that landlords should consider looking at what is possibly wrong with a property if it hasn't been let after four weeks. In the City of London, some experts only give it two weeks. Angela Kelly, of Hurford Salvi Carr, comments: "If you haven't had serious interest or an offer, it's either the wrong agent or the wrong price. Nine times out of 10, it's the price." Jonathan Hudson, founder of Hudsons Estate Agents, adds: "Even the most unappealing property will rent if it offers good value for money." Matching property to meet tenants' demands is also seen as crucial, and simple things like installing a bath, or replacing carpet with aesthetic wooden floors, can make all the difference to a letting. Dean Sanders, of Sanderson James, explains: "If you're getting viewings but no takers, it's likely the property condition is wrong. A fresh lick of paint and a good clean make all the difference."

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