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June 02, 2014

East Anglia Estate Agents

When we think of East Anglia – a coastal region of the UK springs to mind. Encompassing extremely popular and upcoming towns and cities such as Cambridge, Norwich or Bedford this was once considered highly agricultural with coastal specialities in fishing industry. As the decades have progressed throughout the region of East Anglia you will find thriving universities, busy towns and cities with expanding businesses and desirable locations to live, settle and build a home.

With a huge variation in property types and prices throughout the region you may be confused at first when looking to buy or rent. However consulting a renowned East Anglia Estate Agents who know the area, the individual variations and the movement of the market can put you in prime position for finding a new home to suit you and your family. 

With offices throughout East Anglia and London Saint Andrews Bureau have vital local expertise in property management to help you make the right choices when moving home?  SAB is a family run business with an intricate knowledge of the house selling and buying market with over 100 years’ experience dedicated to the market and clients. Promoting an extensive portfolio of properties available throughout Hertfordshire, London and Cambridgeshire, SAB are an award winning property management firm who will help in the pursuit to find your dream home.

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