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December 22, 2013

E3 Property Management

With property prices slowly recovering but with banks still being a tad reluctant to release funds to complete and provide mortgages the market for renting is still very much on the up. Renting property is very much a topic of discussion, especially amongst those of more traditional views of home ownership.

Compared to the city dwelling residents of America and mainland Europe were renting is very popular, the British attitude has been very much a case of prioritising owning your home. This way of thinking has been prevalent for some time in the UK but with the market collapse and with banks becoming far stricter in giving mortgages out and requiring a large deposit, in order to have affordable interest repayments, many people had no choice but to look towards renting a property.

Renting allows for those without access to savings large enough for a reasonable deposit to get a suitably sized property with only having to part with an additional month’s rent (that will be refundable upon meeting your conditions when leaving). The key in the argument against renting will always be that those staying there will never own that home and are only serving to pay off the actual owner’s mortgage. However in these austere times the short term option of renting is a more than attractive and viable one.

Companies like St Andrew’s Bureau have realised the surge in interest in renting property and provide experienced E3 property management, ensuring that the home is rented out and any issues with tenants are resolved with a minimum of fuss. To see what St Andrews Bureau can do pay a visit to