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April 13, 2014

E10 Letting Agents

The housing market is a complex and confusing place – even those who have moved home previously can be overwhelmed by the information on the market, when is the best time to buy and sell, how should you prepare your property and if you are relocating should you rent first?  Many homeowners are opting to keep existing properties and rent these out when they move to a new home, some in the hope that the market will pick up and the home will increase in sales value, others considering investing in property appears safer than leaving money in savings accounts in banks attracting minimal interest rates.  Renting a property can be less risky than purchasing when you are unsure if you are planning to remain in the same area for a significant time and allows you to get a feel for the area and where you would like to buy.

If you are considering renting a property or want to think about be renting out your own home in Cambridge, London or Hertfordshire and you would like more information on the process and how to ensure everything is carried out correctly and to protect you and your tenants, Saint Andrews Bureau are available to help. The team are highly experienced in the lettings market, as well as property sales and investments, with hand on industry knowledge to help you find your ideal property or rent your existing property out.

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